Awa Book of New Zealand Science

The Awa Book of New Zealand Science
Edited by Rebecca Priestley
Awa Press, Wellington, 2008

Winner of the Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize 2009

Since Polynesian voyages navigated the Pacific Ocean to find and inhabit a small group of islands at 42 degrees south, scientists of Aotearoa/New Zealand have had an extraordinary record of discovery. This landmark collection of writings ranges from early naturalists’ observation of birds and plants to thrilling eyewitness accounts of experiments that revealed the structure of DNA and the nature of matter. This is science at its most exciting – a book to amaze and delight readers of all ages.

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“A time and space machine that takes us from pohutukawa to polymers and into the hearts, minds and discoveries of New Zealand scientists, the brilliantly edited Awa Book of New Zealand Science presents a new unofficial history of Aotearoa that records and reenacts the role science has played all along in our life and art.”
Judges comments, Royal Society of New Zealand Science Book Prize 2009

“I could not put down this wonderful collection of writings by remarkable people, many heroes and several geniuses. From discoveries of the uniqueness of New Zealand’s land, plants and animals to dramatic breakthroughs in understanding the nature of matter on the smallest and largest scales, it’s all there. Read. Enjoy. Be fascinated. Be proud.”
Professor Gerry Gilmore, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University

“How wonderful to finally have this chance to celebrate the achievement s of our country’s scientific heroes. This eloquent collection reminds us of the range and intensity of intellectual obsession and the sheer hard graft of dragging us to new understandings”
Bernard Beckett, author of Genesis and Falling for Science

 Read some reviews of The Awa Book of New Zealand Science

“Of all the non-fiction books I have read this year, The Awa Book of New Zealand Science is my hands-down favourite”
Bette Flagler, Idealog, November 10, 2008

“This is a collection of gems.”
Ruth Barton, New Zealand Science Review, volume 65 (3) 2008

“It’s rare that a book lives up to its publicity and the PR line for this one is particularly audacious. It reads: ‘New Zealand science book ruins Cambridge professor’s weekend’. He simply could not put it down. Well The Awa Book of New Zealand Science had the same effect on me though I rarely venture into anything egg-headed as Science. But this turned out to be a special book in many ways.”
Paul Smith, Kiwiboomers


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