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It was good to be back at Bali! We went there because my dad and brother were getting a lesson with Steve from von Kitesurfing.

It started off as a good session for me, I was slightly underpowered on my 11m. After about 15 minutes of riding, the heavens opened and it started to tip it down with rain!

The wind completely stopped and from having 10 or so kites in the air we were left with all of them on the ground and unable to relaunch! After the shower had passed, the sun came out along with the wind and it turned out to be perfect 13-14m weather… I was again slightly underpowered on my 11m.

I threw a couple of nice kiteloops, raleys and a few raleys to toeside but then as everyone started to pack up I decided to go for one last kiteloop. This shouldn’t have been a problem because I had been throwing them already in the session.

However because I had been out for a while already a fair amount of air had come out of that slow puncture that I’ve got so this time when I went to throw the kiteloop the kite only got half of the way round before hitting the water before I did! It hurt!

I was thrown on top of my lines and my kite inverted a couple of times so for the second day in a row I had to pull the safety release and I walked in with the kite because it was in no condition to relaunch – having no air in it and the lines wrapped around it a couple of times!

Now the lines have been turned into a birds nest and are in desperate need of some untangling! And I have to get my bladder sorted – even worse because it’s on the leading edge! Oh well, there’s no wind forecast for the rest of the week so I will have some time to spare!

Another Sunset Session!

I went for another late afternoon/evening session at high tide in Bali again today. I went out with Rya from and we had a great time.

The wind during the day was pretty weak, but it picked up perfectly for an 11m cruisey session.

The kite was still suffering from that slow puncture, so by the end of the session the turning of the kite was really slow – nice for practicing new unhooked tricks but not so good for attempting kiteloops!

I tried to go for one but the kite just wasn’t going to turn and I ended up pulling out of it. Landed some nice raleys and landed about 50% of my raleys to toeside – they’re coming along pretty nicely…

Complete Blowout!!

I woke up early and it was super windy! It was blowing 35kts+ and there were choppy 6-8ft waves. These weren’t really the conditions that I wanted to go out in because I was more keen on practicing some more unhooked tricks, so we headed into Bali (the nearby town) for the morning to get twin tip boards, kite, fish surfboards and meet up with some old friends on the water while surfing.

By the time we got back to the chalet and had eaten some lunch, the wind had dropped off perfectly for my 11m. It was a solid 22-25kts cross-on shore (north-westerly – same as yesterday) and even the sun came out for us. There were 5 of us out and we were all pushing each other to go big!

My arms ended up getting pretty tired from practicing raleys and I was starting to struggle to hold down my kite so I decided to head out the back and throw a couple of kiteloops which was good fun.

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