Call for papers – The Fukushima Effect: Nuclear histories, representations and debates

At the APSTSN conference in Singapore this July, I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Hindmarsh, associate professor at Griffith University, Australia, and editor of Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi: Social, Political and Environmental Issues.

We were each presenting papers in a session entitled “States of Risk II”: Richard’s paper, Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi: Social, Political and Environmental Issues – An Overview, introduced the major themes in his recent book. My paper, Nuclear Power: ‘A Malevolent Uncultured Arbiter of our Destiny or ‘A Servant of the Industrial Revolution’?, was about early attitudes to nuclear power in New Zealand. In our session, and in other parts of the conference, there were many other papers about nuclear histories and current attitudes to nuclear technology – many of them referencing the Fukushima disaster.

Richard and I got talking after our session, and kept on talking after the conference, and developed a plan for a follow up volume to Richard’s Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima book. We’re calling the new book The Fukushima Effect: Nuclear Histories, Representations and Debates and are currently seeking submissions.

Here’s some brief information about the aim of the book and the two areas it will cover:

Aim: to produce a high-quality edited book on the effect of the Fukushima disaster three years out from the disaster as another relatively early benchmark on this ‘effect’ and to determine the extent and scope of it, politically and culturally, on either:

Area 1: national histories, debates and policy responses on nuclear power development (in both well established ‘nuclear nations’ and emergent ones (apart from China, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand, for which we already have authors).

Area 2: long standing international and national debates in political and cultural context, such as the safety of nuclear energy, radiation risk, nuclear waste management, effect of radiation leaks on marine ecosystems, development of nuclear energy vis-à-vis other energy options, the moral debate, anti- nuclear protest movements, nuclear power representations, and so on.

Abstract submission deadline: 6 December 2013.

Send abstracts to:

Full details are contained in the attached pdf.

Call for papers Fukushima Effect


About Rebecca Priestley

I have a PhD in the history & philosophy of science and I write about science and science history. I live in New Zealand.
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