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I don’t want to go to Antarctica tomorrow

I started today feeling very grumpy about having to go to Antarctica tomorrow. I missed my family as soon as I left for Christchurch, the strawberries in my garden were about to ripen, and I had a headache. And it … Continue reading

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Learning to pee standing up

Among all the firsts I expect to experience over the next week – my first step on the continent of Antarctica! My first ride in a C-17 Globemaster! My first night in a tent in subzero temperatures! – I get … Continue reading

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My Antarctica playlist

Over the last week, I asked people for recommendations on what I should listen to when I’m in Antarctica. Among the suggestions were “anything by Seal or Penguin Café Orchestra” (thanks Kim!) and “The Happy Feet soundtrack” (um, thanks Andrew!). … Continue reading

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Shackleton’s Antarctic whisky

Speaking of Antarctica, one of my recent Listener stories was about Ernest Shackleton’s whisky. I went to a whisky tasting in Wellington, mostly for fun, but then I realised there was actually a pretty good science story there. I didn’t … Continue reading

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A feeling for snow

I remember the first time my eyelashes froze together. After a moment of panic – I can’t see! – I rubbed my gloved hands over my eyes and my vision cleared. It happened again, almost instantly, and kept happening until … Continue reading

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Charles Fleming and his singing cicadas

This story originally appeared on my Pundit blog here. I’ve never quite understood why, but it’s the most-viewed thing I’ve ever written.  Cicadas are as much a mainstay of a New Zealand summer as the sound of surf and a game of … Continue reading

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